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With Money Alchemy, I believe that true financial success begins from within. My unique approach combines personal growth with financial wisdom to help you achieve a harmonious and prosperous life. This three-session call series is designed to guide you through understanding and investing in yourself, clearing emotional and mental blockages and creating a clear path towards financial growth.

Money Alchemy is more than just money.
It’s about transforming your relationship with yourself and your finances. By aligning your inner self with your financial goals, you can unlock your full potential and create lasting wealth!


1. Understanding the self
  • Finding the ultimate purpose: Understand your beliefs and blockages about money. Clear your vision and start to address personal concerns, questions and desired outcomes.
  • Clarify your financial goals: Unpack your financial situation and identify how to align opportunities with your goals. Clarify your risk tolerance, values, emotional weaknesses and your relationship with money.
2. Letting the self grow
  • Clearing money blocks: Break through your old beliefs, fears and self-doubts that hold you back. Replace them with a new money mindset and tools to release emotional blocks that come your way.
  • Create an action plan: Finalise your 90-day action plan for delivering on your financial goals. Explore opportunities that will work for your circumstances.
3. Clearing the path forward
  • Build momentum: Benefit from supportive practical tools. Access consciousness techniques and visualisation meditations so you can start taking action for achieving your goals. Fine-tune your strategy plan along the way.
  • Develop your stay-rich habits: Providing you with the confidence to go-at-it-alone, focus on maintaining your new healthy money mindset on a subconscious programming level. Review and monitor your progress to ensure you stay on the right path.


Holistic approach

I will integrate personal growth with financial planning for a balanced and sustainable approach.

Expert Guidance

I am an experienced and qualified coach and can provide personalised support and actionable insights.


Gain the knowledge and confidence to take control of your financial future.

AUD $1,111

Decode Your Money Mindset

Awaken the 5D Abundance from within! Break free from limiting beliefs, embrace abundance mindset, and manifest prosperity in your life.



I just want to give a shoutout to Lowina, my Quantum Coach. She is just magic, and in the time that I’ve been working with her, I had my biggest month in sales ever! (Which I couldn’t even have imagined before.)

I also manifested my dream home, which I really wanted since I was 19, and sometimes I just lost hope in it because it was too hard or things didn’t happen– since working with Lowina, I manifested it and I bought it!

So now, I’m living in my dream home, I believe it was 6 or 7 weeks since working with Lowina. Thank you so much; you have changed my life. 

Whether you’re wanting more wealth creation or to manifest beautiful things in your life, your biggest dreams; take the big bold move of having an incredible coach.


Before I signed up for Lowina’s Money Alchemy course, I was struggling with limiting beliefs around money, wealth and success. I had already read many books and watched countless YouTube videos around cultivating a growth mindset and working on money psychology.

However, I realised I needed to do deeper work. After a few sessions of working with Lowina, I was able to get really clear on what my limiting belief systems are and had already began to transform these and reshape new belief systems.

I also have more confidence in myself in being able to achieve my future goals. Lowina is an absolute pleasure to work with; she is compassionate, patient and highly knowledgeable as a coach. 

I’d highly recommend Lowina to anyone who is ambitious and wants to cultivate a growth mindset and financial abundance.


I had heard of money mindset coaching before but knew nothing about it. Before Lowina, I was storing money away like a squirrel, holding onto my pennies and not knowing when I’d need them. I always felt anxiety and worry around the topic of money and didn’t know how to change it.

After watching Lowina in action, in her fun-filled, quirky, engaging and amazing way, she changed the way I look at and feel about money. I now see it as an energy that needs to be shared, a relationship to be nurtured and an investment that, when given with an open heart and a generous attitude, will come back to you with interest!

Literally hours after that shift in my thinking, I had two clients sign onto my programs. Thank you universe, and thank you Lowina!


The timing could not be any better when Lowina crossed my path. I was in a vulnerable place stuck in a rut with my life. My head was full of dreams and ideas but I had not clear direction. My biggest realization was that I had a lot of mental blocks that were preventing me from moving forward.

I am typically a skeptical person and I was not sure what to expect from Lowina, but results came shortly after. People around me soon noticed a positive change in my character and my financial situation began improving. After each session, I was charged with positive energy, a clear mind and became highly motivated. 

Lowina equipped me with tools I needed to fight my anxieties and fear of failure and at the same time, gave me confidence towards working on my life goals.

AUD $1,111

Decode Your Money Mindset

Awaken the 5D Abundance from within! Break free from limiting beliefs, embrace abundance mindset, and manifest prosperity in your life.

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