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Our mind is the most powerful muscle in the human body. A lot of people are looking for the latest and greatest tips for weight loss and exercising of the body, but how about the mind? That is why we have put together a list of the best mindset coaches to watch for in 2021.

Lowina Blackman is an award-winning money mindset coach who helps small business owners clear their money blocks and create a strategic plan to achieve financial independence. Learn more about her here.

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Lowina Blackman is an award-winning cryptocurrency coach that helps individuals release their money blocks and create passive income from cryptocurrency and other forms of investment.


What if mental wellness and investment learning can be found in one exceptional coaching program? Wherein people can learn how to invest their hard-earned money and turn it into a successful passive income source, and at the same time receive a holistic mindset coaching that cures one’s body and soul.

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From an average-income fashion designer to a millionaire in less than ten years, Lowina’s journey into climbing the ladder of life proves that passion does not get in the way of achieving success. Read the full article here.

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Lowina Blackman, (@Conscious Crypto) is an award-winning money mindset coach helping entrepreneurs to release money blocks and create passive income from decentralized assets.

To learn how to become a sophisticated investor and enter the decentralized asset space safely and securely, and how to powerfully and successfully approach the best performing asset class of all time read the full article here.

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Lowina Blackman is an award winning Money Mindset Coach and Wedding Photographer, running two multi 6 figures businesses.
Lowina is also actively involved in the Cryptocurrency and Music industry, working with some of the biggest names in both industries. Read the feature here.

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Join your host Carla Egan (founder) on a series of fascinating conversations, with some of the certified coaches of The Coaching Directory.

Listen to the podcast and Lowina’s interview here.

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