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George K. - Crypto Broker

Lowina has been fantastic to partner with, she is really careful, thoughtful, articulate and conducts proper due diligence. After reviewing her crypto courses there were so many golden nuggets of information that were summarised exceptionally.


Dana K. - Business Coach & Salon Owner

Hi everyone, my name is Dana Kovacic, and I just want a shoutout to Lowina, my Quantum Coach. She is just magic, and the time I’ve been working with her,


Which I couldn’t even have imagine before.

I also manifested my dream home, which I really wanted since I was 19, and sometimes, I just lost hope in it because it was too hard, things didn’t happen, and since working with Lowina,

I manifested it, AND I BOUGHT IT!

So now, I’m living in my dream home in such a short period of time.

I believe it was 6 or 7 weeks since working with Lowina.

So Lowina, thank you so much, you have changed my life.

Life would never be the same, and I’m so, so grateful for you.

So anyone wanting to work with Lowina, if you’re on the fence, Just do it! 


Whether you’re wanting more wealth creation, or to manifest beautiful things in your life, your biggest dreams, take the big, bold move of having an incredible coach.



Krystal S. - Entrepreneur & Crypto Trader

Hi my name is Krystal Seang, and I am an entrepreneur and a trader.

Before I signed up for Lowina’s Money Alchemy course, I was struggling with limiting beliefs around money, wealth, and success.

I had already read many books and watched countless YouTube videos, around cultivating a growth mindset and working on Money Psychology.

However, I realised I needed to do deeper inner work.

After a few sessions of working with Lowina, I was able o get really clear on what are my limiting belief systems, and already begin to transform these and reshape new belief systems.

I also have more confidence in myself in being able to achieve my future goals.

Lowina is an absolute pleasure to work with.

She is compassionate, patient, and highly-knowledgeable as a coach.

I’d highly recommend Lowina to anyone who is ambitious, and wants to cultivate a growth mindset and financial abundance.


Jolanta DK. - Business Coach & Mentor

I joined Lowina’s cryptocurrency community and mastermind program.
At first I joined three months and I really loved what was happening so I upgraded and I joined 12 months.

When I first came, I was curious about Bitcoin, and mostly about Bitcoin.
There was a lot of talk in town about Bitcoin,

       “What is it?”

But I didn’t have much knowledge about this.
Thanks to Lowina, that this is actually the whole digital currency world, and the world is changing.

So from me not knowing really much about the digital currency, I realized that this is the whole movement now.
The old world is changing and previously people have been investing in the share market,
now this is replaced and in gold and gold still here,
but it’s the addition to the investment opportunity as a digital currency.

We meet regularly once a month and in the in community that Lowina’s created,
we talk about all the opportunities, and it’s just mind-blowing where the opportunities are.

I never really would even think about this, and the world is changing and it’s all with the new and digital currency has a big future because it’s not only individuals that are investing in the digital currency, but the whole countries are also investing in digital currencies and many big organizations, big companies are investing in digital currency and so you know what?

I’ve just realized that I thought I like to join Lowina’s group,
because I don’t want to be a dinosaur.
I don’t want to be left out and not knowing what’s happening and left with the currency that is no longer in the mainstream because digital currencies seem to be taking over.

Thank you Lowina, I really appreciate what I’ve learned.
I really appreciate you for the community that you have created
It’s such a lovely time that we have and we can talk about things which are complex, but brought to the levels that I can understand and I learned how to actually invest it:
how to use the exchange and Lowina always comes with the tips to which digital currency maybe is a possibility and why.

Lowina explains that and I know she brings this information from some gurus up in a digital world and she brings it in a in a very simple way to us because we are people who don’t maybe know much about this, so we want someone with the warm and supportive hand take us through the journey and it’s you know, the whole mindset that she’s sharing with us.

She’s teaching us the mindset and how to think and how to invest because investment, it’s not just you know that you put the money in and you take the money out.

It’s a journey and it’s an up and down journey, and so sometimes you know, the investment might be in low, but we’re looking at our investment long term and Lowina is helping us to hold on to the mindset that we need to be able to do it.


Sangita M. - Breathwork Facilitator

Hi, my name is Sangita and I’m a Breathwork facilitator.
I’ve known Lowina for a short time now and she is amazing.
I’ve got a new Crypto, delved a little bit in crypto, never really understand the terminology.
But I thought, I’ll just figure it out as I go along.
Then I went along to one of her Masterclasses and the wealth of knowledge this lady has…

It’s unreal, it is so worth your time.

It is so worth just being there, being present to what she has to share.

Lowina has a beautiful personality in the sense how she shares.
Nothing is too hard for her,
Nothing is too complicated for her to explain to you in simple layman’s terms.

Because crypto is a new world, right?
Some of us know, but some of us don’t.

If you think you want to learn more about crypto or delve into the world of crypto, I have no doubt that once you go to Lowina’s courses, you will thoroughly enjoy it.

I would highly recommend highly, highly recommend going to Lowina’s course.

Like I said, wealth is knowledge.
You will learn something and have so much fun along the way.

I just wanted to jump on and let you know that.
So I hope you do jump on and enjoy the course.

Thank you Lowina, thank you for all your help and all your knowledge.


Christina J. - Director, Coaching the Artist Way

I joined her cryptocurrency last year when I knew nothing about cryptocurrency.

In fact, even earning money was a bit of a mystery to me and one thing I found with Lowina is that she was able to easily explain to me the things that I didn’t understand.

She was also very knowledgeable in the things that she did understand, and cryptocurrency is her secret talent if you like.

It’s something that she knows absolutely everything about, it’s something that she’s very passionate about and if you are even slightly interested in learning about crypto, Lowina is the girl that you need to go to.

Lowina is the one who’s going to walk you through the currency of crypto and take you out the other side better than when you started off, so do I recommend Lowina? Absolutely! 

This is where you need to be if you want to learn about crypto.


Zac - Personal Trainer

My name is Zac. I started working with Lowina about 3 months ago.

I was in a very messy part of my life, something that I’ve never been through before.

We’ve been doing it for the past 11 sessions now. We work through it, process, and now we’re setting goals.

From where I’ve come 3 months ago, to where I am now, definitely say that there’s a lot of change that has happened, credit to this woman here.

Who puts a stepping stone in place for you, and helps you move forward instead of moving backwards.

Which I can definitely tell you within those 3 months, we’ve taken heaps of steps forward, which is good.



Francesca A. - Business and Leadership Coach

I met Lowina about a year ago coaching cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency combined with Lowina’s, crazy blue hair, I thought this is crazy, there is something quite not right about this. 😂

I was always skeptical about cryptocurrency and I thought what is this. So, I cornered her on a one-on-one and she described it to me.

Lowina described it to me in layman’s terms because I’m not very technical and I thought this is interesting. It’s about a currency that’s not a currency, but it’s growing phenomenally. 

I joined up Lowina’s Money PhLow Whale Masterminds and she also sent me a book too and I was hooked! Because I realized that it’s the way of the world. That’s the way currency is going hard cash currency is eventually going away, and the big banks of the world are going to be dealing in cryptocurrency.

I joined her program and I was in good hands because Lowina made sure that every month in her webinars she keeps you up to date with what was happening. Sure, there’s been a dip and my knees have been trembling wondering what’s going to happen, but I invested for the long term.

I have great trust in Lowina. She’s not a financial advisor, but she’s a great source of information as to what’s happening in the crypto world. If you’re wondering at all if you’re doubtful about what is cryptocurrency, the best person to speak to is Lowina Blackman, because she can tell you exactly what’s going on and she can tell you which cryptocurrencies are the best to invest in.

Don’t hesitate, speak to Lowina.


Kerri T. - Personal Coach

I had heard of money mindset coaching before but knew nothing about it. Before Lowina’s masterclass I was storing money away like a squirrel, holding onto my pennies not knowing when I’d need them. I always felt anxiety and worry around the topic of money and didn’t know how to change it.

After watching Lowina in action, in her fun-filled, quirky, engaging and amazing way, she changed the way I look and feel about money. I now see it as an energy that needs to be shared, a relationship to be nurtured and an investment that, when given with an open heart and a generous attitude, it will come back to you with interest!

Literally hours after that shift in my thinking I had 2 clients sign onto my programs

Thank you universe! And thank you Lowina!


Linah J. - Dentist + Owner of Denta Pty Ltd.

Hi, my name is Linah and I joined Lowina’s crypto course and this is the end of my course and I just wanted to share that to me I was really happy with the decision, when before I joined Lowina I was just completely, I had no idea what Bitcoin was or what crypto was I kept hearing from everyone, but I was very scared I did not really understand it and I wanted to invest but didn’t really know how and where.

And you know even try the YouTube videos but I didn’t really understand what was going on and I just trusted Lowina. I saw that she was an expert in the field, she knew exactly what she was talking about so I joined her course and to me it was the best decision I’ve invested.

Now I feel very calm investing even when the markets go crashing down. She has taught us very well on how to control our emotions and how to just pretty much ride the wave and I think that was to me the biggest take away because, you know, strategies change and markets change nut what she has taught us is, is the Principle, which I think will I be carrying on not just for crypto, but for so many other investing strategies and even in life.

So I’m very happy to have made the decision and honestly, I would say anybody who has been in my position just looking around trying to see if I should I go in the market, should I not I’m. I’m scared. I would just say join Lowina’s course you know all of us need mentors. We can’t do this alone and it will be way way easier and much more calmer, less riskier by just having someone to just guide you along the way.

Thank you.


Zoe P. - TCM, EFT, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Hi everybody, So I’ve just had the most amazing and profound healing session from Lowina. And I wanted to immediately share a brief testimonial.

If you have any idea – whatsoever, that this might be for you, then I would recommend that you trust that instinct 100%.

Lowina was very gracious and reached out to me. And, it was exactly what I needed to help heal my wounds, and to see that I don’t need to carry on the wounds of my ancestors, or people around me in this world.

It was much more profound, and beautiful, and full of wisdom than I’d even expected and I was expecting something good.

Lowina and I are doing a course together, so we do know of each other, and we’ve seen each other now for a few months.

But this was completely mind-blowing, heart-opening, and soul-healing. I feel completely different, much lighter, much happier, much healthier, and I’m dealing with some serious health issues, and then went straight to holistic medicine.

So for 30 years, I’ve run my own holistic health business.

I’ve been doing this for my entire life. I’m a healer and a therapist myself – originally a psychologist. So I’ve had thousands of treatments from amazing healers, therapists, of all different disciplines.

All I can say is Lowina’s got something that I’ve never felt before. In how quickly, how deeply, how heart-led, and soulfully, she saw and understood me., and validated me – and really offered words of wisdom and very deep healing meditation. That I really do think has been transformational.

So, if that doesn’t sell it to you, I don’t know what does. This is completely voluntary that I am writing this testimonial.

Recording one now, I’m going to put one in words. Because she’s got something really special folks.

If you are brave enough to do your deep healing work, then I can only HIGHLY recommend her.

And that’s sent with all my love and light – to you, And may you go well!


Rashid M. - CEO of Thriving Business

Hi, my name is Rashid, I’m part of Lowina’s crypto course and I just wanted to share with you how valuable it has been.

The two things that really really stood out with me.

One is I had no clue when I joined a course about what crypto is about, and I’ve absolutely loved learning some of the basics. really really become clear on what it is, what it means? How I can create wealth and what I really love is that Lowina brings a very unique perspective to the conversation.

She has a lot of research to back up her insights, she shares constant research with us as well, so there’s always we’re trying to make decisions, buying decision selling decisions based off the best possible data in the market and the thing that I love the most, it definitely has to be the level of clarity that Lowina brings in and and the structure that that’s available to you and the resources throughout the course.

So it’s been epic. I’ve been part of it for about 6-7 months I think, but I’ve learned more than what I did on my own trying to figure it out for like 3 years before I met Lowina. So if you’re thinking about being part of the community, join in and I’ll see on the inside.

Brodie C - Client Review

Brodie C. - Qoin Agent

Hi there! My name is Brodie and I’m 26 years old and I’m from Australia. I recently did Lowina’s Conscious Crypto Course and I got a lot out of it. I found it very engaging even though it was, you know, it was a full day spent in the room together, in the online room together. But it went by so fast because I was so engaged and having so much fun which helped to learn it that way that it was a fun thing and not really like a really analytical or bodies of text or really super complex things. 

Lowina just stills it down and makes it really palatable and easy to understand. And I’ve been investing in crypto for quite a few years at varying degrees of intensity but I still learned so much from Lowina. And what Lowina shared with us added so much more certainty and belief in crypto as a whole and where it’s going and even in the few weeks since me doing the course and how things have played out. What Lowina has said has been true which is being good to see and it’s awesome to just be in the space where there are other people having these conversations and I think that was one of the things that I had a challenge with. 

Other times when I’ve been in and out of crypto is that I didn’t have a group or anyone who understood really well that I can talk about it with. But Lowina has this awesome group where she shares really useful resources and there are really good discussions that go on there so the community is as good as the conscious crypto course and I would highly recommend them both. I’m all in on the cryptocurrencies as a result of it and if you’re thinking about doing it, I think you’ve got more to gain than you do to lose. Thank you I hope this has helped with your decision-making.

Jody D - Client Review

Jody D. - Public Speaking/Emotional Fitness Coach

Namaste! My name is Jody Dontje, I’m a public speaking coach and emotional fitness coach, and I just finished Lowina’s 2-Day Conscious Crypto Boot Camp! Wooh!

I absolutely loved it, so in this uncertain world right now financially, it’s so important that we have a diversified portfolio right? So we can earn more money so we can help more people make more of a difference. Now, I was very new to investing, I had really little knowledge especially around crypto and even the right strategy for me going forward, the right way to go forward even with the bigger goals that I had and so in 2 days I just got a crash course on everything. And I’ve had so many breakthroughs and clarity. I just got all these amazing bonus resources that I can now unpack and start learning more about. And I just feel like Lowina’s given me so much confidence that I’ve got this. So much confidence in the process and I can see the outcome really coming true. It’s amazing. 

So, I couldn’t recommend Lowina enough. She’s amazing, she’s such a great coach, she’s very passionate about what she does, and she’s really making a difference in people’s lives. So if you haven’t yet signed up, I definitely invite you to do that. And I wanna thank Lowina as well right now, thank you for being amazing! Yaay! Remember everyone; Be Brave, Be Vulnerable, and Be Kind.

Money Meditation and Quantum Jump review 

Namaste conscious crypto legends!

I just wanted to do a little Facebook live to thank Lowina for her Money Meditation and quantum jump session that she just ran and I’m really grateful.

I love that you’re able to take us through both the…you know, real relaxing meditation where we are mindful with our breath where we’re allowing ourselves to connect to our future self and we’re doing fire breathing and we’re like kind of jumping into that reality so I love that section.

And then I loved how you actually created the visual representation, such as with the cup which you know you’ve got your past self and then the future self cup and just that feeling of Breath to actually take in the water, just like the breath did. To drink the water is like you’re filling yourself up with that future self, with that future version of you and it’s almost filling you up with more belief, It’s filling you up with more clarity, It’s filling you up with more energy, more focus so I really love that.

That literal visual representation in the mind, and then kinesthetic and visual and taste representation through the water.

So thank you Lowina! I thought that was awesome.

Everyone have a wonderful wonderful day.


Nicole G. - Emotional Fitness Coach

” I’ve started being coached by Lowina in my crypto mindset and being guided by her in terms of learning and investing in cryptocurrency and we’ve only been working together for a couple of weeks and already my knowledge, my enthusiasm, and also my action has dramatically shifted. Only the beginning of this year when someone talked about bitcoin, I was under the impression that it was just something that was completely out of my reach.

That you know a coin that was worth at the time. I think it was 65 K earlier in the year and I thought, well, that’s just not even something I could start to get involved in, and then as time went on, I learned a little bit more, took some baby steps, and then realized that this is something that is truly remarkable and the growth that people are seeing in their portfolio is just uncomparable to what we see in other parts of the stock market through property through all sorts of other ways of investing.

So, my husband and I decided that we would make the most of having a wonderful resource like Lowina and sign up with her mastermind. I think it’s just been the best decision that we’ve made, so I’m really excited about our financial future and being guided. It’s not financial advice, but being guided and mentored by someone who has Lowina’s experience, she’s lived, she continues to live what she preaches, what she shares, she gets her research and information from really top sources.

She has her finger on the pulse of all of the action that’s going on globally and speaks and shares both with Passion with insight but also with a really clear sense of wanting to enrich the lives of all of her clients. In the mastermind and wanting them to see the amazing benefits that they can have in their lives through making different financial choices.

So yeah, I want to thank Lowina, not just from the bottom of my heart but also my purse and and if you have been thinking about crypto or something that you’re intrigued about, then I would suggest to reach out to her and just see if there if you’re a good match.

I’m not sure if she’s taking on more clients at the moment but reach out and when her client list becomes open again, then then you could see if you’re also able to get some of the amazing experience and guidance that we’re getting at the moment.

Super thankful. “

Jolanta - Client Review Photo

Jolanta D. - Aspiring Business Coach

Hi! I wanna share with you the moment I made a decision to join Lowina’s program. So at first, I was just curious because I wanted to find out more about crypto. I used to trade shares in the market for many years and then I was kind of not very much into crypto. However, things have changed in the last 12 months, I was kind of looking into crypto and thinking What do I need to learn? What do I need to know? At the same time, I’m building my coaching business and this is my priority.

Our roads crossed and I met Lowina on Zoom and we had a chat I was becoming more curious and thinking maybe I should join. And there was a moment about the price and I don’t make money at this point of time and all my money and my savings go to build my coaching business. And I’m kind of ready to start making money but I’m not. There’s a fear of asking for money that I have. So there was a moment when Lowina revealed the price and I was a little bit taken by the price. And what got me through the fence was when Lowina said “You know what, this is your fear. If you don’t resolve that fear, how will you be able to ask your clients for money?” And that was the big realisation and I just stood there and thinking, yeah this is my problem and how am I going to resolve this?

So to fast forward, I made a decision to join. I know that I made the best decision and Lowina helped me to go through this and made me realise that until I build this neuro path in my brain, I won’t be able to progress my business. And so, since then I’ve seen her commitment to help me to start making money in my business and I’m also hanging out with the like-minded people and it’s very exciting and I’m learning heaps. Thank you for that!

𝐇𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐲 𝐑𝐞𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐋𝐨𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐦𝐚𝐧 𝐦𝐲 2021 𝐝𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫!

Thank you for noticing me in the zoom breakup room that chilly winter day exposing my hunger for even more growth and inspiring me to act. 

I didn’t think it was possible to stretch myself to do wealth creation while I am building my coaching business and you proved me wrong. You showed me 

  • Crypto investments are a real asset 
  • Wealth creation can be spiritual 
  • How to step into my future self
  • WOO-WOO is a technical term for mindset
  • Crypto investment is a type of block

And more than that! I’ve learned that building wealth in a community of fun and like-minded people is far more exciting than doing it on your own.
My journey with Lowina Blackman Conscious Money Creators Community is amazing.
Our conversations are a mix of values and lightness.
Our future is inspired by the wealth creation magic.
I am beyond inspired by Lowina’s WOO WOO magic and so excited about stepping into another Crypto level. 

Thank you for Being who you are.

PS don’t change a thing!

Ashley Ducquet Testimonial photo

Ashley Ducquet - Business Coach

Hi guys, it’s Ashley.

I just want to jump on very quickly to share because I just had this amazing coaching session with Lowina. She is so freaking amazing that I can’t even actually describe how she make me feel. I just felt so uplifted. She really helped me to unblock myself like part of me that I knew that was in me, but then the other part of me was you know, the self-critical, the judgment and the self-doubt that’s in me.
Somehow during our session, she really, really validated me and she gave me the whole space as she holds the space for me to really believing myself. Uhm, she helped me to untap into this energy that I already have, but that has been suppressed and I just feel like out after the session, I feel so much more confident and so much certainty in what I need to do, what I need to achieve in- what my goal and my purpose is and who I am.

And if you have- You know, if you haven’t got in touch with Lowina, she definitely is a person to get in touch with. She doesn’t do this rule surface talk. She goes straight to the point. She’s very practical so she speaks the plain language, but she will help you to uncover your strength and your true potential. She sees all the shiny points in you, and she will validate you. She really showed me the mirror to look into myself and to see this shiny part of me. And go for it. Get in touch. Book a call with Lowina, you won’t regret it.

See you in the other side.

Karen T - Client Review

Karen T. - Wellness Coach

Recently watched Lowina’s free webinar and then went on to do her crypto intensive course which was such an eye-opener. I’ve been curious about cryptocurrency for a while now but did not know much about it and where to start so doing Lowina’s course was absolutely helpful.

It has armed me with confidence and knowledge on how to invest in cryptocurrency and has created a plan and strategy for short, medium, and long-term investing with the help of Lowina. She’s generous with her knowledge, sharing her own journey and experiences whilst arming us with all the resources she has access to also. I would not have gone down the road investing in cryptocurrency without her course and her help.


Kyle and Kylee

Lowina is awesome! Her program is effective, simplified, and useable. Highly reccomend! The Community is a major added bonus.

Hey guys, Kyle and Kylee here. Just started working with Lowina Blackman our new crypto coach. We’re super excited to be a part of the team. We actually just completed the conscious crypto course and had our first 101 session yesterday as a matter of fact, super excited. We have a lot of confidence working with Lowina up to this point.

I’ve done a little bit of crypto myself, just small dollar amounts to trying to get a feel for the world of crypto and how it could benefit us? We’ve had some other investment opportunities and we’re just seeing some benefits in the recent months of crypto wanted to dive in deeper. Decided to hire Lowina and it’s been a great experience so far and we’re super excited to continue forward and see where it leads us.

Yeah, crypto to me was a little bit intimidating at first, but I feel like Lowina does such a good job and just taking it step by step, answering all the questions you have and making it not so crazy to look at and she’s just been very, very helpful.

Absolutely, if I could just say one thing even though we’re super new, just get started, you know, before you go into anything you don’t know everything about it. So, I’ve learned in my life that hiring a coach for something that’s a big task such as this is super important.

So, I would say you can start it. I mean I’m learning every step of the way and I’m just using Lowina and her course, her program to mitigate any, you know, hiccups along the way, so I would say jump in. Get started, even if it’s a small portion because you’re not going to know it until you start?

Absolutely, what I also love about the mastermind’s group is, they’re just a great community that has been so welcoming so far for both of us. She’s told us that the group is going to be great to lean on and you know anytime you need it to support each other, so that’s been awesome and everyone has been really, really welcoming, so we feel very welcome.

Yeah, awesome, thanks guys.


Janelle Cameron

Janelle Cameron

Hello, my name is Janelle and I wanted to jump on here and just talk about my deep dive into the crypto world and how thrilled I am with what I’ve learned so far and what I’ve been able to invest in.

So, if you are thinking, thinking, thinking and gathering information, good on you. That was me for the last few months and I just decided that. I would combine my love for giving away money, spending money and beautiful things and the interest that I have in new things and I’m 60 years old and I just decided that I would embrace the chat, I’m too young to let this crypto world go past me, so I spoke to Lowina and she was able to ascertain my level of willingness with risk, she was able to really delve into that and took time to understand me and my financial literacy and my understanding of crypto and my risk aversion, so I feel very blessed, grateful, in that confidence comes through being competent and by taking Lowina’s lead, I’m able to learn more and. When she doesn’t know something, she is honest.

She always does the right thing and the extensive network that she has. She is able to find out and I’ve seen her follow through on so many different levels and for me I’m just so excited now and I would just encourage you to dive in and set yourself free.

Yeah, that’s how I feel about my future now that I’ve made those decisions to trust Lowina and her knowledge, and I love being part of this group as well. So, the energy, the knowledge and security about the future.

So, thanks and I hope that this helps other people as well.


Thanks bye.


Hi everyone, I know you’re sitting on the sideline because that’s what well I did for about six months before I joined the masterclass (Mastermind Group) and I was just looking because I was so fearful, I knew that I was out of control with my money and I knew that I had to change, but I didn’t know how to and so the two major things that have happened to me since I’ve been in in the mastermind with Lowina and the other participants is that I’ve stopped abusing money.

I have started to respect it and I don’t use it to fill a hole in my soul. So, what I do is I’ve reached another level, you know we’re always peeling the onion, but I’ve reached another level of being accepting myself and I’ve also entered the world of crypto and I’m so excited and it’s so happy and at the moment the markets right down and that is fantastic for me.

It’s going down, down, down, so I’m buying, buying, buying yes, yes, yes, because I did buy in at a higher price, but I know through the education that I’ve received I know it’s going to improve and I’m a winner because if we look around where I am, I’m in a really lovely, beautiful place and I want to continue that because I deserve it.

So, whatever your lovely, beautiful place is, you deserve to be able to access it and money is the way, wealth is the way, and stay with Lowina and you’re well on your way.



Olga M. - Health/Wellness Coach

Dear Lowina, just one week ago I was doubting in crypto and felt that I’ve missed the party. Today my mindset about crypto changed 180 degrees. I am feeling so certain and excited to invest and grow my wealth, even more I am confident that crypto is the future. The course is absolutely packed with value and our 1:1 session gave me even more clarity in my investing strategy. I have short-term and long-term goals and know that those are goals, not dreams anymore. Thank yo for being open, sharing everything you know and giving solid evidence why crypto is the future. Warmest Regards,

Thank you Lowina for your beautiful course. Very much information, so much value.

So before, I was thinking to invest or not, am I too late? What’s Bitcoin? What other coins? What’s going on? What’s with this path? Is it like another scam or not? Am I too late? And now just after one week of the course and one on one session, I feel so much certainty and confidence and know what’s going on, I have a strategy when to put money, when to exit, what to do? How to protect myself?

I’ve gained so much knowledge and value that will last forever till the rest of my days, and most importantly, I know what’s going on and I’m feeling kind of resistant, I’m able to read the information and filter it out as I do it, not as someone else is saying like it’s scam or not so thank you so much for this course and I’m so looking forward to grow my investments with you. And yes to everyone who wants to join Lowina, go to her, she’s a coach from the heart. She’s providing so much value. She’s very much interested. She’s doing research, giving extra materials all the time, and mastermind is just amazing.



Anna B. - Fitness & Life Coach

Big smiles all around for me. I’m screaming with the cockatoos. My gosh out in nature, my happy place to celebrate my first two sales of my 5K packages from my move concept. 

So, I sold two today. Two, after Lowina’s class yesterday. Showing strategies towards selling our packages and at what price they should be and Oh my gosh yes, I’m just buzzing, buzzing, buzzing. As you can see smiles all around. So just yeah wanted to share it and hopefully motivates you guys to getting out there and believing in yourself and your value.

Thank you. See you soon.

Paula B - Client Review

Paula B. - Purpose Empowerment Coach

Hello! I just wanted to share a little bit about how amazing Lowina’s Crypto courses and programs are. Wow! She makes what I thought was gobbledygook and something so unknown and complicated, she makes it so easy to understand. Before working with Lowina, I- it was just all so overwhelming. Anything crypto was so overwhelming, so unknown, I kinda bundled it in that bucket of too-hard basket. And not for me, and I can’t do it, and it’s too hard, and you’ve gotta have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest and make money and making money work for you. 

And through working with Lowina, it’s- I’m learning, it’s actually so simple and it’s really easy. And there’s so much ease and grace and support and flow in connecting with abundance. Lowina, the resources that she shares, the support she shares, her trainings- oh my gosh! Talk about overdelivering. She’s incredible. So if you… oh and I’m also thinking like I know that I can do this. This is totally… this is my way now. So through working with Lowina, I have connected with clarity, the ability, the easy steps to follow, the systems and the structures, and the supports to understand and follow and make great decisions to make my abundance work for me and grow and flourish like a beautiful garden of abundance, my beautiful garden. 

Umm yeah, so if you’re thinking about it, if you’re curious, I’d say jump on board, you have got everything to gain. It really in the grand scheme of things, you know, what she charges is absolute breadcrumbs compared to what she offers and what you will connect with and create and manifest and grow as a result of working with Lowina. So jump in. Welcome. Have fun and Yey to our abundance and our empowerment so looking forward to sharing this awesome course together. See you!

Daniel M - Client Review

Daniel M. - Money Management Mentor

Hi guys! My name is Daniel Marshall and recently I signed up to do Lowina’s Crypto Intensive Course with my wife Kaci and it was an awesome decision, a really good decision. So what happened was, you know, I saw Lowina post about her free webinar that she was running and I hadn’t learned much about crypto and bitcoin before. And I’m a money coach myself and I was really interested so I said: “Yeah I’m just gonna jump on to this free webinar.”

And to be honest I was probably a bit skeptical about the whole crypto world before I went on to this. But I hopped on the free webinar with Lowina and it was awesome it really- her passion and enthusiasm to the topic really rubbed off on me and opened my mind to other possibilities and other wealth creation strategies which I came to learn about from myself and also for my clients as well. So pretty much when that call decided to make the investment into Lowina’s coaching and attended the first Intensive Crypto session on the weekend which was amazing, I was blown away.

So both Kaci, my wife, and I, we just loved- and it was a 10-hour deep dive into the crypto world, Bitcoin specifically. And it was just, it was so valuable like Lowina went above and beyond to serve us during that day and the amazing resources we got at the end were so good. So, I’m feeling really confident now that I can put what I’ve learned into practice and I’m really excited about the future and the potential of Bitcoin crypto in our wealth creation strategy for Kaci and myself.

So, now I’m armed with the tools, the knowledge, the mentoring coaching from Lowina to take my money and our wealth creation to a whole new level which is really really exciting. So, to anyone out there who’s sitting on the fence about work with Lowina and dive into this, I would 100% recommend it because she is honestly an expert of what she does, she knows her stuff, she gives epic value, epic resources, just a high quality service. So, 10/10 would recommend. Thanks guys!

Poyi P.

What I like the most about Lowina is her positive energy; she is always smiling and energetic whenever she is in zoom calls or on videos. Lowina is a great listener, very easy to talk to. Whenever I reach out to her with questions; she would always respond! She might not have the answer or solution every time but she would help to research, which I very much appreciated! Lowina’s courses also have great content and the Facebook groups have a lot of posts’ shares which I found very informative!

Nina H - Client Review

Nina H. - Leadership Coach

We just completed Lowina’s crypto course on the weekend and it was excellent. She took a lot of time sharing her wisdom, answering questions and walking us through everything we needed to know to get started – step by step. Loved it and can highly recommend

Nina Huchthausen - Testimonial Photo
Sophie S

Sophie S. - Commercial Account Executive

I LOVED today’s session with Lowina – thanks so much for the invitation and knowledge you share today. Not only did it recap great foundational knowledge of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, I learnt more about strategies, goals, and next steps I can take to reach success in investing in this space!!

Soe Pangso - Client Review

Soe P. - Akashic Record reader

5 Stars to Lowina, Highly Recommend her cryptocurrency class, if you want to financial independence so sooon, dun miss this chance at 2021.

Also Lowina is a very high energy person and her presentation is so interesting and lot of fun, you will easy to understand those difficult or boring terms. Investment can be easy and fun, just come and join her, you will find out! Worth to join now!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Lowina is an amazing cryptocurrency coach, funny, high energy, interesting person. Make me easy to accept and understand how to invest in cryptocurrency.

Thank you so much!! Highly recommend if anyone search for money coach!!

Soe Google review
Grace Mui Choi

Grace C. - Brand Manager

Testimonial from Grace Mui Choi

Lynne - Meditation Coach

Shout out to Lowina! She is my crypto and business coach. I’m currently doing her money program for creating my wealth. Before, I was having money blocks. I only save money in the bank. I didn’t know how to use money to do investment. 

I had no idea with business and I didn’t know how to build my own business or have any business ideas. But after working with Lowina, I shifted my mindset and I see money as energy and I use money to invest on crypto. I learned so many different investment strategies from Lowina.

She taught me a lot of different business strategies to create my own business. I also have an inspiration from her to become a mindfulness coach to help children and parents. Also for working with Lowina, I gave my goal-mindset and knowledge to achieve my life-goal. So I really really highly highly recommend to work with Lowina. She will give you a lot of value in your life.


Vicky P. - Professional Photographer

Thank you so much Lowina. I have enrolled and completed your conscious crypto course and one-on-ones. It has been amazing.

Beforehand, I was really lost with my financial independence, I didn’t have financial independence. I didn’t really have a handle on how to increase my money or my abundance or my business. And now I feel extremely financially secure.

I have upped my prices in my business and that’s going great. I’ve worked so many extra things along the way and in terms of marketing and upscaling my business. I’ve had many breakthroughs, one of which being today. And I completely recommend Lowina wholeheartedly. She understood me and where I was coming from in my business and my personal life. I 100% recommend Lowina


Wayne L. - Conscious Crypto Student

Hey guys my name is Wayne. I’m a new student for Lowina. I’m currently doing her cryptocurrency program and I must say, it has been eye-opening. Before knowing how much the course was, I was a bit hesitant, but after the knowledge that I gained after the transaction, it’s been more than an eye-opening experience for me especially now that I’ve seen the benefits that I’m gaining from it.

And the different mindset that I have right now from when I was- I guess you can say I am awoke of the knowledge that was shared during Lowina’s crypto program. I do recommend to those out there, do not wait like how I did, and miss out on the big bang, on the crypto part. Don’t wait. Like what I heard from Lowina, now is the time and it’s never too late for anyone so it’s best to get in and take advantage of the course. Cheers


Mya L. - Style Consultant / Behavioural Coach

I was looking for ways to create wealth in my personal life and noticed Lowina posted a video about bitcoin on Facebook. I eventually signed up to her mentoring/coaching package after attending her free Bitcoin masterclass (after seeing her share more of her success stories and bitcoin education on her FB feed.) I saw the value and potential of Bitcoin and cryptos but had absolutely no idea what resources to trust to truly start my crypto investments. I decided to learn from her experience /wisdom / successes / mistakes.

I thought she was cool with her creative look and signature blue hair. She was fun and a enthusiastic presence and I just wanted to hang out with her more as well as learn from her.

I signed up mainly to learn the technical stuff about crypto and to explore various strategies to invest in crypto. She gave me a lot of foundational knowledge for me to have confidence in what / how I’m researching, investing and growing in my crypto portfolio now. I feel like I can manage from here on out. Investing in this bull market has been a rollercoaster but it’s also been fun, personally.

The 1:1 coaching after the main crypto coaching program felt like bonuses. We explored my money mindset and different paths for my business/work. What was great about them was she asked me questions that I wouldn’t usually ask myself, exploring new territories in my mind/ personal awareness. I’m familiar with coaching and personal development but sometimes you just need someone to be interested enough and considerate enough to ask you different / new questions to discover something new about yourself. I answered her questions that were out of the box/ordinary (that stretched my thinking), and I got out of the box and enlightening answers, which will help me to create out of the box/ordinary actions and results going forward in my work and life. We definitely have to think and act differently if we want different results in life.

Thank you and all the best, Lowina!

Molly C

Molly C. - Owner of My-Yin Jewelry and Musician

Before I started working with Lowina, I had bought a cheap pre-recorded course to learn cryptocurrency, thinking I could just learn to invest in bitcoin myself. Turned out I was wrong. The course was so boring I never even started it after I owned it for more than a year. I really didn’t want to pay a money coach a lot of money just to learn some info I could find online, but after the first consultation session with Lowina, I knew I had to hire her to fast track my investment strategies and, most importantly, to clear my mental blocks. I was completely clueless about cryptocurrency and very reluctant to learn by myself, because it felt so complicated, risky and boring. And this is where Lowina came in. 

She is energetic, funny, playful, passionate and knowledgeable. She makes even the most boring subject fun. She had a way to make one engage, and ultimately I started to get interested in bitcoin and learn more about it myself. It took me a long time to finally get a hang of dealing with exchanges, and the process was more complicated than I had imagined. I knew I would have given up or even lost money in the process had I not hired Lowina. But having her by my side and guiding me every step of the way made me feel so much safer. Within four months of working with Lowina, not only have I made my money back, and I’ve also more than doubled my investment profit. I’ve also become much more confident as an investor and have an entire roadmap to financial freedom. Lowina is amazing. You’ll love working with her!

Fiona L

Fiona L. - Accountant

Thank you Lowina for educating me about Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies. I learnt a lot in this fast track crypto course. From what is Bitcoin, how to invest in Bitcoin to how to pick a winning altcoin. It opened up a complete new world to me.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement you have given me for the entire program, either through Facebook group or our one-on-one coaching.

It is amazing to know that I have someone to talk to and seek advice from throughout my Bitcoin investing journey. I love how Lowina is always positive, and that she gets excited when we discussed my “money plan”.

Lowina showed me how money flows with joy – The more we love life, the more money will come. Lowina, you are an amazing money coach!!!
I was most connect with Lowina spiritually as not only we shared a similar cultural background but we also have similar interest in making money, and beliefs in things like prophecy, crystals and reiki. Hence, it was easy for me to understand Lowina’s perspective more.


Kate W. - Japanese Teacher

I haven’t had a great deal of time to dedicate to doing the course. But I’ve been having a look at the Facebook and the course now and I’m realizing how far behind I am. But it’s such amazing information that you’ve provided and the resources that you’ve made are incredible. I’ll just definitely be using them and I’m already learning heaps of stuff.

So, this is an amaing course and definitely worth the investment. I can’t wait to start doing these activities and really really get into it. It’s a little bit of overwhelm today with what you’ve given us about the wallet and how I’m actually going to start investing in bitcoin. But I’m really excited to be on this journey and to be looking forward to a future where money isn’t an issue.

So yeah, really changing my mindset already.


Hayley L. - Body Confidence Coach

“Hello! I’d like to share to you a new testimonial for Lowina Blackman. I had a session with her a couple of weeks ago to help me work through some emotional blocks I had within my relationship with myself around money.

And I never ever thought someone could bring such heart and care and empathy and intuition into a session around money.

It was absolutely phenomenal, I felt incredibly safe with Lowina. I felt myself connecting to emotions and thoughts in positive beliefs that forgot I’ve had.

She just guided me so expertly, it was easy to follow along with her in this session. And the end of it, I felt this massive shift within. And I’m telling you, I’ve had a life long problem with my money mindset.

I’m a working-class girl, I come from a background where money and abundance in wealth isn’t great. And I’ve allowed this to follow me along my whole life, trailing in my way and it’s really gotten in the way of my business and my own self-worth.

And Lowina helped realised that my self worth isn’t my net worth and that it is possible just in instant to change, to let go of those beliefs.

So, a huge thank you to Lowina, she’s an absolute rockstar. She’s gorgeous. Her energy… I wanna hang around with her some much more often and I highly highly recommend that you engage her to help you in your life. Work through those blocks. She’s gonna help you bring so much more wealth and abundance into your life and really show you that spirit in heart is so connected to money and wealth.

So thank you so much Lowina. I love you. You rock! And thank you so much for the change that you’ve helped me create.”

Julia F - Lowina Blackman Clients

Julia F. - Artist / Jewelry Designer

I highly recommend joining Lowina Blackman’s Conscious Money Creators coaching sessions. Lowina is very knowledgeable when it comes to making money. She encourages you to work smarter not harder and some of her key topics include money manifestation and cryptocurrency.

Her presentations are enjoyable – very concise, engaging and ultimately very rewarding. Making money doesn’t have to be tough and it is not just for the chosen few – everybody can have money and Lowina will show you how.


Susan M. - Business Consultant

Gorgeous Lowina , 

Initially, I’ve come to you as an inquiry about cryptocurrencies.

What I discovered —- Was unexpected and enlightening-  You had an innate ability to tap into what I was experiencing emotionally and language this  beautifully.

Your emphasis and energy is inspiring and uplifting. You have what I need: a balanced professional business sense, knowledge of how to create wealth, most of all, amazing spiritual insight.

With the skills to language your perception in a caring centered manner. 

Love your work. I am on a completely whole person change and healing path.

60 years gone —- Susan0.3 moving forward.

Matt Z - Lowina Blackman Clients

Matt Z. - Artist & Game designer

The timing could not be any better when Lowina crossed my path. I was in a vulnerable place and feeling stuck in a rut with my life. My head was full of dreams and ideas but I had no clear direction. My biggest realization was that I had a lot of mental blocks that were preventing me from moving forward.

Right from the start Lowina tuned in and understood how I was feeling, where I was coming from and created a safe environment for me to open up. In just a couple of sessions, we were able to identify real issues, get clarity and perspective on my challenges, and most importantly she helped me change my relationship and some beliefs that I had with money. It is like she flicked some switches in my mind.

I am typically a sceptical person and I was not sure what to expect from Lowina, but results came shortly after. People around me soon noticed a positive change in my character, and my financial situation began improving. It especially surprised me when extra money came in when I was least expecting it, because I had nothing set up for it to happen. That just blew my mind.

After each session, I was charged with positive energy, a clear mind, and highly motivated. Lowina equipped me with tools I needed to fight my anxieties and fear of failure, and at the same time, giving me confidence towards working on my life goals.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies and need a little bit of guidance. I’m convinced that Lowina is a knowledgeable, gifted and passionate person with practical and holistic coaching techniques that will improve the quality of anyone’s life by providing that guidance.


Lainy D. - Business Coach, Mentor, Speaker

This is a shout out for Lowina. When I first started working with Lowina. I didn’t realise I had money issues. The decision to work with her as a money mindset coach has been the best one I’ve ever made. 

I now have clients coming to me. My income has increased and I’m no longer overwhelmed with marketing. Three things that I realise now I was really struggling with back then. I’d recommend Lowina to anyone who’s trying to make a diffrence and trying to prove how to do  business. Get on to this now. She is fantastic!

Carolina V. - Lowina Blackman's Client

Carolina V. - Owner of CAVAS Coaching

Lowina is a great coach, she helped me to discover some of the believes I had about money that weren’t serving me. With her guidance I change them and now I feel ready to move forward with my goals.

She is so knowledgeable about investment, diverse portfolio and passive income. I am definitely following her advice and I am sure I will see more amazing results on my journey to financial freedom.

Forever grateful!

Magdalena E. - Lowina Blackman's Client

Magdalena E. - Team leader in Age Care Centre

Everyone Has a Wake-Up Call !

My journey of embracing my own strengths, gifts, and values lead me to a new path to remove my money challenges.

3 sessions with Lovina helped me to clarify what style of living I would like to have and positively impacted on my confidence that I can have more time off and able to work when I choose.

I have also less anxiety I feel toward investing now. Still way to go, however with such positive energy, I truly believe that my financial health and wealth only begins.

Thank you Lowina X

Kayla - Lowina Blackman Client

Kayla V. - Health & Wellness consultant, Teacher

Incredible holistic approach, kindness and expertise in one person. Lowina never tells me what to do, she simply asks the right questions and guides me gently towards making my own decisions, letting me connect to my own intuition and trust myself.

As my top values have been identified when working with Lowina, for everything I do, I can see a connection with these values. This has also helped me in refining my goals and has a tangible financial plan to stick to. I am able to analyze and eliminate my negative emotions, including the fear of failure, fear of being judged and rejections.

As a result of our time together when I was transitioning from having a day job into my entrepreneurial journey, I was able to clear my debts and turn my financial situation around!!

I am now being able to make choices consciously and with intentions. The relationship with my husband has improved because Lowina taught me how to communicate between female and male, which gave me so many “ah-huh” moments.

Lowina is very passionate about helping people and leads you to a voyage of self-discovery, goal setting and goal achievement that I have found not frightening at all; her wide range of techniques actually makes the journey exciting. I’ve discovered completely new possibilities of growth, both for my business and also my relationships. I can’t thank you enough Lowina for being there for me!  xx

Taylor Bogrand - Lowina Blackman Client

Taylor B. - Dancer, Videographer

Lowina took me to very deep places of silence, remembering, awakening and faith in the benevolence of life as well as trust in my abilities. Our work was calm, solid, full of heartfelt appreciation for each other and a great source of energy. With Lowina, not only did I find peace after disruptions of my private and professional life but also the space that allowed me to re-invent myself by arriving home within me.

Lowina are able to connect with me on the human level and get into my sub-conscious mind to inject new positive point of views that I haven’t seen before. Lowina has deep life experience and is able to coach from a very deep and insightful perspective. If you have only experienced the strategic kind of coaching (do this and that), then you haven’t really experienced transformative coaching, Lowina genuinely care about her clients and want them to success.

John Nguyen - Lowina Blackman Client

John N. - Thought Provokers & Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Lowina is a true gem: I came to her to get what I want and she gave me what I needed! She’s able to take all of the money mindset and manifestation theories and turn them into quick exercises that can fit in into my busy schedule, and that makes a world of difference. And I didn’t really understand them first until I actually applied them and it’s incredible.

I was stuck in one income level and Lowina opened my eyes so not only I can now dream bigger, and make money much faster. And actually one of my goals is to buy a house in cash and so I feel like I’m quite a few steps closer to that goal now.
I’ve continue to grow rapidly not only on the financial level but spiritual as well and thta’s very important to me. And Lowina’s incredible teachings, it kind of felt like she spoke straight into my soul, and it sounds a bit crazy but it’s really helpful.

I’ve also been able to let go of a lot of old stuff around money that was holding me back; Lowina install new wealthy programming into me that I did not even know existed. And she also taught me all the things I needed about investing into Bitcoin and this knowledge is priceless! Thank you so much Lowina!

Hatim Ali - Lowina Blackman's Client

Hatim A. - Data analyst, Business owner

When I first met Lowina at an entrepreneur summit I was working full time and running two retail shops, I was inspired by her passion to help small business owners to work smarter, make more money and free up time. Her expertise in Cryptocurrency and silver investment was fascinating, I have never met a girl who can talk money with such enthusiasm; I decided to join her coaching program.

Being a data analyst I was skeptical at first, because Lowina is quite spiritual and I consider myself a logical person. But working with Lowina was very powerful and effective; she has a way to tap into my mind and opened up new ways of possibilities for me.
I began to have new ideas coming to me and my income has doubled! Then Covid-19 came, I lost a shop and had to let go of two employees, I reached to a career setback. Lowina continue to share her witty insight that turns this crisis into a new opportunity for me to explore my true passion! We’re now working together to build up a new business strategy plan and I’m so excited despite we’re in a lockdown stage.

James C.- Lowina Blackman's Client

James C. - Systems Architect

Lowina is a lovely person who helped me to explore my thinking and blockages around relationships. 

Using her coaching skills in just one session she was able to help me discover and let go some limiting beliefs that I was holding and help create a crack in my worldview of the way life is, that has given me a glimpse of what else might be possible – and I’m encouraged to keep challenging myself!

Jessie Norman-Linke - Lowina Blackman Client

Jessie L. - Life coach

I love Lowina! Lowina is an amazing transformation coach. She is gifted with her intuitive and sensitive listening skills which have supported me through a difficult time in my life. Lowina create a safe space for me to be vulnerable and express myself fully, in order to heal my deepest emotional scars that have been affecting my relationship with my family, money and myself.

Lowina uses a large variety ways to discover things about me that I didn’t even know myself, and then helped me build on those and get me on the path to success. In one session Lowina and I were able to dive deep into a childhood memory that I have been suppressing, and she used her special timeline guided meditation to help me to release all those negative emotions out of my body, I felt instantly lighter and it helped me grow into a woman who is embracing what she really wants in her life.
Lowina also helped cleared my money blocks, which affected my business. I highly recommend Lowina as a life coach. Everyone around me sees the difference it brought to my life and I am so looking forward to our next session!

Ashlee Nicole - Lowina Blackman's Client

Ashlee W. - Yoga teacher, Wellness Coach

A couple of sessions with Lowina have literally changed my life. This beautiful gentle soul has the ability to get at the real heart of the matter within moments. I have many dreams and goals but never have the courage to take the first step, I was always afraid. My life was a mess and felt hopeless, I attracted the wrong relationships and never have any money left. I feel safe to open up to Lowina and let her into my heart, she used a mixture of NLP, energy healing and meditation tools to heal my wound that I buried deep in my heart. I learned how to control my anxiety and emotions. There’s not many people you can feel comfortable crying with, especially when you have just recently met them, Lowina was being presence with me the whole time and held the space for me as I needed.

After our coaching sessions I now feel more confident in my abilities and believe in myself more.

The biggest lesson I learned is that you create your reality. This is the best money I have ever spent. I went home and only got 3 hours of sleep as my mind and soul were buzzing. I feel like I have a brand new life and decided to hold myself accountable, take responsibility in my action.
I am now working with Lowina to build my yoga teaching and social marketing business, as well as joining her online program for further personal development. There’s still a lot of internal work to do and I’m that to have Lowina to support me on this journey!


Sergey B. - Architect

Thank you very much to Lowina Blackman for helping me put up a financial plan for this time of hardship… and work on my mindset where I bulked money from my life or work on my limited beliefs.
I learned a lot from her coaching sessions and I recommend to do it for everyone. Thank you very much!

Bushra Z. - Lowina Blackman's Client

Bushra Z. - Success Coach

Lowina is an amazing coach. I had some amazing shifts regarding money mindset. I used to be okay with a low figure for my services, but why aim for such a low figure when my service is from my heart and it is worth a lot. Lowina gave me some great tools to work with.

Thanks Lowina

Michelle Panetta- Lowina Blackman Client

Michelle P. - Performance Arts industry

[Life changing on all level!] My experience with Lowina was simply transformative! She is such a warm, down to earth and caring person that really showed through in our coaching session. I have been stuck in my own head for so long, living in an abusive environment but too scare to get out, it was my comfort zone even though it wasn’t as comfort at all: I let others to belittle me and I had no voice. The insights that Lowina had were so inspiring that I had chills the whole time! She gave me brand new perspective that I couldn’t see before and I could reach my dream this year! I just simply haven’t been educated on how my mindset and emotion works. I would highly recommend Lowina to anyone, as I genuinely feel that I have a new lease of life and am firmly on the road to becoming my true self. This is the best investment I spent on myself!

Kelly Lloyd - Lowina Blackman's Client

Kellie L. - Women in Leadership Consultant

I would highly recommend Lowina to anyone who wants to transform their life.

Lowina is a talented and dedicated coach that has helped me significantly with my thoughts and feelings that have in the past inhibited me in my financial success.

Lowina’s experience and insights has given me the inspiration and courage to think out of the box and look for options to explore other avenues to enhance my financial Success

Thank you so much Lowina 🙏🏻

Justyna Kiczor - Lowina Blackman's Client

Justyna K. - Executive administrator, Actress

I was dealing with much pain and was desperately looking for a way to find myself. By keeping myself very busy at work and procrastinating for over 20 years, which lead me down to a darkest path. Then life gave me another challenge, I found myself in a financial crisis with no savings in the bank, a wake up call to get help. To make my life even messier, I found myself pregnant with twins at age 42!

I’m so glad that Lowina took on my emergency panic call and our money mindset coaching relationship begins. Lowina is extremely patience, understanding and diligent in her praise and presence. Her questions expand my awareness and improve my relationship with money. I decided to join her Ultimate Wealth online program to deepen the healing work.

So happy that I have made this investment in myself, we now have a clear financial goal for my family, I can’t thank you enough Lowina!

Bob S- Lowina Blackman's Client

Bob S. - Senior Machinery Mechanic

This is a very short video to really thank Lowina for coaching me on my money mindset and she’s really helped change my thinking around money and how I look at it , how I receive it. She just changed my mindset so much better and just helped me so much and I can’t believe how good she is and how much she has helped me. So, that’s just a very short testimonial to thank her very much and I highly recommend her services

Coco Batuna - Lowina Blackman's Client

Coco B. - Psychic and Tarot Card Reader

I came to Lowina to seek career and financial advice after my baby turning one year old; I was ready to go back to work. I was torn between getting a new regular job or to scale up my tarot card reader business. Lowina has a way of pulling out self-reflection and healing in others. She caught my bullshit of ‘trying to get a job” while the truth is that I was just too scared to make my tarot card business bigger.

Once Lowina clear my limited belief, money blocks and fears from my childhood, using NLP and guided meditation, I found who I am and glad that I did not get distracted by trying to please my family, because they think my business is not ‘a regular job’. Lowina helped me create a business plan; teach me how to find my niche and avatars, marketing & branding, to give my current brand a makeover. I now have a road map to buy my first home, this is much do-able than I thought! I have never quite looked at this way before, causing me to go deep into my core values and issues, thank you Lowina!


Bin Z. - Seriel Entrepreneur

After seeing my dear friend’s instant transformation and becoming empowered by Lowina’s coaching sessions, I booked her straight away.
I run a few businesses, some successful but some had failed, causing me to be in debts. While trying to clear these debts and managing multiple businesses, Covid hit and making the situation worse, I knew I needed professional help.

I feel comfortable opening up and tell Lowina everything, because I knew that this is beneficial for my own good and I’m glad that I did.
All my problems has been solved, stress and worries are gone. Lowina helped me create a new business and investment plan with options that suit my personality and financial situation. It’s now up to me what to do next and I can’t wait for our follow up coaching session to tell her all the good news!

Derek Chan - Lowina Blackman's Client

Dr Derek C. - Civil engineer, wedding photographer

Lowina helped me to destroy and re-create my mindset for life! 2.5 years ago Lowina gave me a Access Bars session when I was lost and confused about my career, I didn’t like my job as a professor in engineering but it was all I know, even though my dream was to be a photographer. After the 1st Bars session I felt much lighter, as if something that was blocking me to leave my comfort zone (maybe fears, or ego, or parents expectation) has been released. I fell in love with Access Bars and went to Lowina’s class to learn the skill, so I could run bars for my family and friends. And eventually become a practitioner myself!
Since then Lowina has also been my Personal and Business Mentor, she helped me set up my photography business, mentoring me every steps from $0 to now having my 6 figures income from my photography business. Lowina has been in the multi-million dollars corporate world for over a decade prior to her entrepreneurship journey, she has large wealth of knowledge of how to run a business in a fun way. Lowina taught me how to use The Law Of Attractions to make my dreams comes true, I’m so grateful to have Lowina to coach me whenever I hit a mental road block!


Queenie L. - Education specialist, Migration agent

Lowina is my idol for years! I admire her courage, compassion and positive energy; she’s always warm, non-judgmental and the best thing about Lowina is her ability to reframe how you view things. Her coaching session expanded my awareness, blown my mind and got me thinking for days. I come out with a different perspective: A more optimistic and fun approached in life, I realized that I don’t have to stumble around and let life pushes me. I got my power back to control my own lifestyle.

I was not sure if I really understood what was happening during our 1st Bars session in 2018, when I was struggling with anxiety/ depression, lost direction in life, low self esteem and very stressful at work. During the session I felt a block of emotions stored in my heart wanted to get out, I felt like it was my fears manifested into a physical form and left my body. Soon later I woke myself up from my own snoring! I had a rejuvenated deep sleep in the session!

I woke up the next day feeling and seeing so many new possibilities; I feel very grateful to her and look forward to our next session so I bought her healing / coaching program. One year on I have so much more energy, got rid of a lot of unwanted baggage in my life (let go of responsibilities that were not making me happy, I can say no to things I don’t want to do (instead of feeling obligated), I choose fun activities and to be around fun people. I am attracting new friends and widening my horizons on many levels.
I will highly recommend Lowina for her great insight and wonderful healing capacities. She truly gifts you the opportunities to release what you need, and get new possibilities in the most kind and caring way, thank you Lowina!

Annie Chan - Lowina Blackman's Client

Annie C. - Hair & Makeup artist, Entrepreneur

[More self Love – Healed my inner child] Lowina worked on my fear of success, which was blocking me from starting my own business. I was procrastinating, lazy and lack of passion in life; I had anxiety / depression and would not leave the house if possible. I use my son as an excuse to not care about myself, I stopped look after myself for a while until one day I felt the pain of hiding was eating my soul alive. So I called Lowina to give life coaching session a try, I’m glad I did.

After the 1st coaching session I felt a huge sense of relief, Lowina given me confidence that I needed, I had a clearer vision in life direction and understood my ego better. The very next day I realised that the sense of overwhelm I used to have was no longer there. 2nd session Lowina dig deeper to my shadow, contacted my inner child and healed the frighten little girl that was hurt 30 years ago, I was able to forgive myself, forgive the people that hurt me when I was a child, I let go of the emotional baggage that was on my shoulders for all these years and felt instantly lighter. The doors have been unlocked. I feel more confidence and now be able to do things that used to scare me, I feel much powerful!

Lowina is gifted with her energy healing power and has a real passion for the field and is extremely brilliant, highly recommend her business and personal coaching, I got almost immediate results! It is all the money worth! So much values and insights were given with care and warmth!

Andy Xi- Lowina Blackman's Client

Andy S. - Videographer, Entrepreneur

Before the first session I was feeling a little stuck and lost. was reacting in a negative way to any stressful situation that came up in life which was making me upset even more. I felt like I had a million things running through my head and like I was stuck living day to day without seeing the bigger picture.

During my first session with Lowina, to be honest I wasn’t sure what happened, I was knocked out and fell into a really deep sleep, woke up just before the 90 minute session ended. I thought it was just a nice nap and didn’t think much of it. The next morning I woke up feeling happy and productive! Ideas kept popping into my head about my business and I had so much energy to tackle them, I felt like something has been unblocked in my brain, I wasn’t stressed anymore. So I continued to see Lowina every 2-3 weeks to unblock more negative vibes, each time I fell asleep deeply which was relaxing.

Lowina added her coaching to my Bars session, together working on my mind and subconscious mind, I now have a better vision of my personal life and business and am ready to rock! I really think everyone should try it at least once. If you go in with an open mind and trusting heart you will feel the benefits. I have decided to commit to an access bars treatment as much as possible as part of my own self care routine.

Sisi Chan - Lowina Blackman's Client

Sisi C. - Beauty & Nuitrition business owner

Working with Lowina has been invaluable for my health and weight loss journey. Lowina provided me with amazing practical and emotional support during the first few months. It was great to work with someone who have ‘been there and done that’ and learnt a lot along the way! 

Lowina helped me understand how my mindset and internal dialog has contributing to my health issue, she focus my activities on things which achieved results and held me accountable – which for someone who was lack of direction as me was invaluable!
Lowina also helped me find my confidence when I doubted my abilities to make my network marketing business a success and it has been so comforting to just have someone to support me on this first chapter of my entrepreneurial journey.

Her overall holistic coaching skills and her own hands on experiences that she share with me have helped me grow my beauty & nutrition business and I’m now not only am I following my dreams and doing something I’m passionate about, and have more energy because I start exercising again!


Kylie C. - Office Administrator

I have been working with Lowina on and off for over 10 years, she’s a great mentor and teacher in every aspect of my life.
My life, my career, my health and my relationship was a mess and I felt like a loser, I felt like a burden to my family and I was a worrier, I over think a lot. Every time I hear Lowina’s voice I felt instant relief, she has always been my role model.

Last year I hit another rock bottom: broke up with boyfriend of 7 years and lost my father, while I was unemployed due to health issue. I was depressed and almost give up life, my confidence dropped to a new bottom level. Then I remembered Lowina said to me before: “I have the power to choose my mood & my emotions. I create my own reality, I can choose to be happy or choose to waste time worrying in bed”. I decided to join her online program + one on one coaching package to pick myself up, I must first love myself in order for others to love me, I have been ignoring myself for years.
I am so glad that I now found a new job and meet new incredible people, after being few years unemployed (hiding at home) I was worry if I am good enough to do the job or talk to people. Lowina gave me tools to overcoming my fear and I’m so happy that I am still alive, with a new job and action plan to save money.
My next career goal is to start a shop with my mom, which is always been our dreams, can’t wait to have Lowina as my business coach once I sort my financial situation!

Iris Tang - Lowina Blackman's Client

Iris T. - Mental health worker, Wedding photographer

Lowina has been my career mentor for over 5 years, her natural positivity personality raised my energy every time I see her. Lowina has been guiding me from a lost girl in my 20’s (not holding myself accountable, has no goals in life) to a production manager in the corporate world. Lowina can be brutally honest sometimes and call out on my BS, which is what I needed to be able to move myself up to above the line, set me up for success and be responsible for my own actions.

Lowina gave me an Access Bars session in 2018 when I got made redundant at a job that I hate and lost my self-confidence, after the bars session I felt a bit headache and had lots of bad dreams that night, I felt like my brain was processing something, I couldn’t tell what it was but something has shifted. Few days later some miracle happened and I was brave enough to grab hold on the opportunity that I wouldn’t normally do, and then new doors opening for me. Since then I always go back to Lowina to run my bars regularly to clear any limiting beliefs or just open up new possibility for me again.❤️

Poyi P.

What I like the most about Lowina is her positive energy; she is always smiling and energetic whenever she is in zoom calls or on videos. Lowina is a great listener, very easy to talk to. Whenever I reach out to her with questions; she would always respond! She might not have the answer or solution every time but she would help to research, which I very much appreciated! Lowina’s courses also have great content and the Facebook groups have a lot of posts’ shares which I found very informative!