[Manifest your nightmare]  How to use the law of attraction to get what you don’t want?

Using the law of attractions to manifest your horror story

Some of you may have heard of the book Secrets, teaching you how to use the Law of Attractions to manifest your dreams.
I had previously been using this concept for a while without me knowing it, but since I learnt that it is a real thing and there are steps to practically use it in day-to-day life to get what you want, I became an active user.
Fast forward a few years and today I can honestly say that many elements on my Vision Board have come true.

Lowina Blackman the money mindset coach in Europe

My vision board came true

For example, I bought a new red handbag I always wanted, so I bought two red handbags;
I started my own businesses, again, two businesses: wedding photography and money mindset coaching;
I have invested in another property, using the profit made from Bitcoin;
I have created another passive a income business, a Vegan skincare cosmetic health brand;
I have taken multiple holidays, Japan, Europe, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and others;
My investment portfolio increased 10 fold, which funded these holidays, handbags and a house;
I live in a happy, romantic marriage and got a beautiful pet grey cat I always wanted…

I have talked about how you can use the Law of Attractions to manifest your dreams, did you know the Law of Attractions can also work negatively against you to manifest what you don’t want or fear most in life?
It’s actually quite simple. You do it everyday by…..doing nothing. 

Chances are, you have attracted and manifested most of the realities that you previously perceived in your life. 
If there is a lot of things you don’t want in your life, you have probably gave them too much thought and time and they slowly became your reality. 

Believe it or not, a universal law is a universal law, it still works even you are not intentionally using it. If you have been thinking about things that you wish not to happen, like not getting anywhere with your career, the universe will also manifest these in your life because you have added them to your ‘energy focus list”. 

Let me share a true story of a man who uses the Law of Attractions and unintentionally manifested his worst nightmare: getting fired from his job.
This man taught me the power of how NOT to use this law in the wrong way.

First thing’s first, let me tell you the 5 steps to manifesting your desires, or your fears:

5 steps to create your dreams:

 First thing’s first, let me tell you the 5 steps to manifesting your desires, or your fears:

1. Set a goal – know what you’re going after and have a clear end result in mind.
2. Visualise how it happens – As clearly and literally as possible, visualise to yourself every detail of how this goal fits into your day-to-day life.
3. Add emotions – to make your visualisation feel real so that your brain can’t tell if it’s real or your imagination. 
4. Act as if – live your days like you already have it, you ARE that person you wish to become, think like that person, walk like that person, make decisions like you already have what you want.
5. Forget it – you have now placed the order, so. There’s no need to call the post office everyday to check if it has arrived.

The universe needs some time to gather all the necessary energy your sending out and items, events, people, resources together, to get all the right ingredients and then it can cook up the result. You must be patience, believe that it will come when you least expect it.

Dream catcher

How did this man manifest himself to get fired from his job?

Let me give you a brief career background of this man, let’s call him… Steve for now.

Steve had worked in a big organization for 7 years, to the point he reached a career block. His boss was a middle-aged man waiting to retired and not going to step down anytime soon. Steve had climbed the corporate ladder somewhat, but found that there was no longer any room for a promotion, growth or professional development in his current role.

So he left the company to pursue the same role in a different organisation that offered a lot more money but also a lot more stress. Negative office politics, long hours, difficult staff and clients, and increased workload soon took its toll on Steve. Steve tried to hide the fact he was unhappy in his new job. He didn’t want to admit defeat and denied to himself that things had not worked out as he had hoped.
His unhappiness soon made him feel as though his self-worth had decreased
and it wasn’t long before he became immensely depressed with his life as a whole.


Steve got fired the 1st time

Steve’s attitude at work became more and more negative and cutting the long story short, one day he got fired.
The reason given from his boss was that he was no longer meeting some of the job’s contracted requirements. Facing what he perceived to be a huge career setback,
Steve, now unemployed, found that he now experienced intense anxiety and depression with little to no self-worth. He needed to reset,  reassess and relax.
Thankfully, after a while, Steve was well enough to get his confidence back (with a lot of help and support) and find a new job.

Although, in the back of his mind he is wondering if he should keep working within the same industry or sector after everything that’s happened and if he still has a passion for it.  Everything seems okay for the first couple months so Steve’s wife suggested they take a short holiday trip to celebrate getting through the darkest time, as he deserved a little break.

Now, watch how Steve applied the law of attractions steps here.

Worrying about getting fire

One day on the holiday while relaxing in their beach hut, natural worrier Steve had this sudden thought, he told wife that he thinks is going to get fire when he goes back to work. Steve was in a down mood that and did not want to get out of bed.
His wife acknowledged his concerns and distracted him by inviting him to go snorkelling.
They had a fun time out in the ocean and that night had a nice dinner and cocktails. 
Steve forgot about his worry of work. 

Later that night Steve and wife were reading books before bed when suddenly Steve’s anxiety came back.
Steve started to vividly imagine how he would get fire and did so in such detail, from how he first made a small mistake before going on holiday, to how his manager asked him to improve in a couple areas of his work.

man problematic due to anxiety

Applying all the steps perfectly

Steve visualised and keep on day dreaming, together with emotions, of what words his boss may have used, what the reason of the mistake was, how everyone else in the office may be thinking of him, how the atmosphere was like in the room on that day of making the small mistake, and how it all made him feel.
He visualised this whole scene and other possible similar scenarios in such so detail that it consumed him with a large amount of strong emotions (fear and sadness), taking over that his brain could no longer define what was real and had actually taken place and what he was imagining may happen in the future. 

His wife tried to guide him to flip this negative scenario to a more positive outlook – for example, saying
“what if boss praised the recent hard work you have done?
What if they one day give you a promotion and pay rise?
You don’t know what the fire holds right?”

The following days while still on holiday, Steve became drawn to this idea of once again failing in this new job to such an extent that he began adding to it more and more with ‘what if?’ Negative possibilities.

Steve almost spent the whole 7 days manifesting his personal nightmare.He even began to think about how he would not be able to pay the mortgage if he lost his job again.
Not being able to support him and his wife, bringing shame to his family.. and so on.
Depression and anxiety are a very real and powerful thing that can completely consume an individual, making it difficult at times to get back to positive thinking, feeling good self worth and having confidence to tackle challenges.

After a week on holiday, Steve returned home and went back to work.
Guess what happens next?

man depressed black and white photo

Steve got fired the 2nd time

Yes, sadly, when Steve returned to work his boss held a meeting and said they were not happy with some elements of his work and would not be renewing his contract.
Essentially, Steve got fired again.

Steve was astonished. Almost exactly what he worried would happen, happened. 
One of Steve’s good work friends, Jack, said the situation was a little bizarre and unexpected.
Jack said Steve was a great guy, popular at work, happy to help others, people liked him and often invited him to lunch and after work drinks together, and could not have seen this coming.

But Steve’s boss had explained that while Steve was ‘okay’ at what he did, the job would be more suitable for someone who has more experience in the skills that Steve was weak in. 

The moral of the story is – Your thoughts are powerful.
The more you focus on something, the more energy you send out into the universe, the more chance those thoughts will manifest into actions that are attracted back to you. Good or bad.

I have changed the names for privacy reasons but assure you I know Steve very well and this is a true story he is happy for me to tell.
The Law of Attractions works with or without you believing in it or not. Be careful of what you wish for.

Be careful of what you wish for cuz you may just get it

Be careful of what you decide to spend your time and energy in.
If you are a worrier, easily scared, allow your fears to be your master, Or easily upset, or offended or angry, or naturally focus on finding fault and someone to blame…the universe receives this engird and sends it back. 

The universe will have no choice but to keep responding and showing you more of these negative things in your life, so you will continue to be scared, or be sad, angry or disappointed because you un-intentionally chose to surround yourself with the negative thoughts, the universe has to manifest what’s on your mind for you to experience.
This can be explained in quantum physics. Some people call Law of Attractions – the Quantum manifestations.

But the Law of Attractions is certainly not all doom and gloom.

Next time when you notice that you just dwelled a little too long on a negative thought or scenario, straight away catch yourself and replace it with a positive thought.
Not an artificial positive thought. More like a ‘but what if I can do it?’ type reaction, a positive questions.
Your subconscious mind will be activated by questions. Be aware of what type of questions that you ask yourself in your head.

For example, if you catch yourself thinking: “The world sucks”, pause and ask a positive question, like: “How can I turn this around to get a better result?”.
Or if you aware that you are watching an online social media argument and you think: “No one cares about me”, flip it or turn it into a positive question, like: “How can I protect myself in this situation and thrive? Maybe I could even go on to help others like me? Yes, that’s right, how can I others like me?” 

Your thoughts can create, so don’t hate.
You are much more powerful than you think.
Choose your thoughts wisely and change your life for the better.
Why not? You deserve it as much as anyone right?
So take control and teach yourself how.

If you have any questions or if you have any lifestyle or financial problems, let’s have a chat! Email me at: lowinab@gmail.com 

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