Life Hack | Your mind is like Google – How to use your focus keywords

We’ve all heard many success sayings like ‘Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows’ or ‘Your Thoughts become Things’. 
As Dr. Wayne Dyer says in his book Change your thoughts – Change your life,  “You become what you think about all day long, and those days eventually become your lifetime”.

The author of Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill also says “You become what you think about”.

This powerful concept has changed my life, and may change yours too.
In this article I will show you how to use your mind to its full potential, and change your life forever.

If for example, metaphorically speaking, the world is the Internet, it contains everything and you cannot possibly have the time to process all the information.
Some topics may not be of interest to you; other topics you may not have known even exist. Most of the time you only want to check out topics that you are interested in.

Human mind is like google with two desktop computer and laptop on a clean office table

How google works

 In order to find what you are looking for, you’ll probably use a search engine, like Google, type in your keywords, press enter and check out the results you get.

If Google is showing you something that’s not exactly what you were looking for, you’ll probably change a couple keywords until you get more accurate, focused search results that are more what you had in mind.

Google’s algorithm also remembers your keywords and what topics you’ve searched for and will feed you more of the similar sites, blogs, channels or news that it thinks you like.

You may, therefore, end up spending more time reading similar topics and points of view that Google believes will interest you.

You might subscribe to these channels or follow certain influencers, getting more of the same types of opinions and information on these similar topics.

Over time, Google won’t show you new things anymore, because you have chosen to stick to ‘more of the same’ information, sources, topics, etc.

Search Engine: Angel or Evil?

Google is just a tool, if you use it well, it will show you new things that will benefit you in the long run.
However, if you are not aware of how Google algorithm works, it may feeds you toxic information, fake news or time wasting sites that slowly poison your mind.

Most social media platforms and news sites make profit from online advertising revenue. 

They often work hand-in-hand with search engines to give you more of ‘what you’re looking for’. Some sites/platforms may try and grab your attention with catching headlines, click bait titles and scare-tactics, knowing the longer you stay online, the more money they make. 

But how exactly does this work?

person typing on HP laptop
illustration of mobile phone with social media and advertising money

Internet Addicts

These search engines’s algorithm will learn how you search the internet, how much time you spend on reading certain topics and then aim to keep feeding you more. 

Giving you a potentially endless dose of addictive information that stimulates your mind like the chemical dopamine.

 This is why you grab your phone first thing in the morning. To feed your interests and get that early dopamine hit by browsing through news stories or any of your favourite social media like Facebook, 

Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc. But is this turning us (especially kids) into internet addicts?

Use of technology can be addictive and may lead to increased stress-levels, shorter attention spans (especially in children) irregular sleep-patterns and lack of motivations to name but a few.

I’m not here to show you how to quit social media and get your life back, I can talk about that specifically in another time.

Your mind is like Google

Now I want you to imagine, that your mind is like the internet; your mind is a search engine that finds you things, like Google; your focus if the keyword phrase; and your life is your search results.

Everyday we get up and walk through the world going about our daily routines. 

We think about thousands of things every hour, small or large (like Google, it contains random things.)

But underneath it all there is a theme or an underlying ‘focus’. (Like the Google Algorithm, the self learning program)

There is often something that is dominating our subconscious mind whether we are aware of it or not.

If we are not aware of what we are focusing on subconsciously, we will run on an auto-pilot mode, based on our Meta Programming in psychology.

Meta programming in psychology

Meta-programming (MP) means becoming aware of the stories you’ve been telling yourself, mostly unconsciously, and often with negative consequences.

According to the NLP communication model, our five senses take in up to two million bits of information per second. 

Two million bits of information coming to your senses, every, second. We cannot process all of these things at once. 

Men probably can focus on one…. 

Our mind can only process roughly seven chunks of information every second. It doesn’t take a maths degree to see that our fantastic senses (our body) make available far more information than the conscious mind can usefully cope with or properly process.

So what happens to the rest of the 200 million bits of information?

Our mind will automatically filter out and delete what we don’t need.

We focus on what seems most important at any particular moment and allow the rest to pass us by.

Until only a tiny amount of information reaches our attention and this becomes ‘our world”.

As my previous blog about Vipassana meditation boot camp talked about – Buddha’s quantum physics, I mentioned that the external event is neutral, how we perceive our reality and judging them as good or bad, right or wrong, and causes our thinking patterns, actions and behaviours, which form our life…

All of these are filtering from our Meta programming.

Which is based on our values, beliefs, memories, experiences, decisions, feelings & emotions and many other elements forming your personal “search profile”.

Focus on where you want to go not on where you fear quote by Lowina Blackman the Money mindset coach

Control your focus, create your reality

The secret is to CONTROL what ‘focused keyword phrases’ you put into your Google.

Focus on WHERE YOU WANT TO GO, NOT on what you fear or hate the most.

It doesn’t matter what others are doing, it matters what YOU are doing.

Since we can only process 7 chunks of information out of 200 million, and these 7 chunks will become our reality for you to experience.

It is super important to ditch old fashioned limited thinking, otherwise we will get the same old results.

How to hack our mind

This theme is our FOCUS.

Start by becoming aware of your inner self-talk. What do you focus on most of the time?

What keywords do you put into your Google? Are they negative or positive?

Will these search results help you reach your goals or are simply a giant waste of time? Do you feel sad or angry or frustrated or scared after you watch the news? Will these search results make you complain more about your situation? Will they make you feel like a victim, powerless, lost and no one can help you? How is this heavy energy helping you to get what you want?

how to hack your mind illustration with social media icons likes facebook shares instagram and brain

In my last blog I mentioned “Above the line & Below the line thinking patterns”, can you identify where you are at?

Having a clear result or outcome and consistently focusing on it will change your behaviour. This will give you the momentum you need to take small actions daily that will lead to big results.

If you guys want me to share some tips on how to stay focused, how to control your mind, I will write another blog to show you some practical tools to tackle this.

Click here to watch video version of Mind Hack | How to use your Google focus keywords to change your life on Youtube.

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