3D To 5D World: Shift Through Life’s Different Realities

World Dimensions: 3D - 4D - 5D

The world as we know it has ended, we are not going back to “normal” as in pre-virus status. Which could be a good thing, we are evolving to the new earth.
Right now our world is divided into different dimensions wherein you can choose and decide which way you want to go. In this article, let me explain the importance of choosing the right dimension in order to live a less stress and healthier life. 

3D World

3D World Sad

Most people live with a 3D consciousness: our actions are mostly driven by fear, lack, survival, sexuality, personality, competition and jealousy. We’re often in a state of worry or concern for what we do or do not have. To move beyond 3D, we need to raise our consciousness and invoke the spiritual dimension.

When we’re operating purely from a physical (3D) awareness, we usually ignore our spirituality. We may not have any spiritual beliefs, or we could be stuck in religious dogma.

We tend to think of everything as being black and white, right and wrong, good and bad.
We show little knowledge of a universal power working through our lives. We get caught up in daily drama, gossip, abusive relationships, conflict and we can create painful situations very easily.
We can often blame everyone else for what is ours to own. Also, personal responsibility for the bigger picture, tends to be lacking when we’re operating under a 3D reality only.

4D World

When we have a life challenge or crisis and receive our ‘wake-up call’ to start aware our 3D mentality and move into the 4D way of living.

We started to understand we are a conscious being having a human body experience.

Living from a 4D perspective, means that you still physically live in 3D and are aware of and working with all that it entails, but you are also focused on love, sharing, service, compassion, the power of the soul and mind and the ability to attract and create what it is you desire.

Living in a 3D world, with 4D consciousness is the norm for most people who are now on a conscious spiritual – holistic path.

5D World

5D World Freedom

Then we come to the 5D world: we truly have a deep compassion for all living beings.At this level most people are vegetarian, if not vegan.

When your awareness is operating in 5D, a lot of the 3D world becomes almost ‘invisible’ to you. You may literally not see other people, who are operating on a purely 3D level. Likewise, these people might not see you either. It’s why so many relationships shift and change once our awareness levels rise.

You’ll also find that what used to bother you about the 3D world becomes less of your focus, as instead, you are firmly focused on leading your best life so that you can uplift the planet and all those you come into contact with.
It’s like you’re on a ‘mission’ when you operate from 5D.
You’re dedicated, self-responsible and ready to serve the whole.

when we shift our energy from fear to love we shift from 3D world to 5D world quote


Your everyday world will appear often the same to you, yet you’ll be more considered in everything that you choose to undertake. Some people do notice that their environment takes on a softer feel (less harsh) when they’re focused on 5D and coming from a spiritual awareness. Most likely you’ll still be out in the world working, living, relating, giving and receiving everyday – just like you’ve always done.

I can’t proof this is real or not, but I believe that it can’t be wrong if we keep need helping each other, stay positive and be kind.
To shift towards the new earth, I decided to choose happiness, focus on my own feelings, be aware of my emotions, and observe the beauty of this transitioning period.

May all of you be happy and stay calm.

Were you able to get the whole idea? If not, then don’t hesitate to contact or email me at lowinab@gmail.comI would love to hear your thoughts!

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