Financial Freedom Road Map for Ages 20-40 Years Old

The best time to build your business is now. The infrastructure of digital platforms / CRM / payment systems are ready for you right now, free, or cheap.

It is much easier to start an online business than 10 years ago, and all we have is time.

In this article / video, I will explore the three stages of how to earn our money when we are in our 20s, 30s and 40s, that could lead you to financial independence. 

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Before 30 - Active income

You are young, energetic, full of ideas but maybe lack of experience, network & money.

It is okay to get a job, trade time for a salary, whether it’s by a full time wage, hourly rate or by project.

What I mean by a salary in this case: Trading time for money

You work and you get paid; you don’t work and you don’t get paid.

Which is most people in the modern world are doing, which is call a job.
Even a doctor or a lawyer is still trading time for money, they just have a higher rate.

When you’re in your 20s, this could be the easiest way to earn money, but don’t get too hung up on climbing that corporate ladder.
Your goal is to save up enough resources to start the next phrase of life.

What resources am I saving here?

Not only saving up money when you are young, you are also saving up knowledge, skills, experiences, confidence, networks, clients base (your list), learn the “how” & understand your “why”, educate yourself to level up.

30+ - Passive income freedom road map

30+ - Passive income

Start building multiple income streams, so you can make money while you sleep, without trading time for money. You can buy more time with money instead.

After working for 10+ years, you are much wiser, you now know yourself, your market and your niche better.
It’s time to set up for the next phrase: Financial freedom

You are still relatively young and can take the calculated risk to grow your wealth.

But if you don’t start building passive income that will pay you while you sleep, you’ll never get rich and most likely you will work until the day you die.

What should I do when I’m 30+?

Maybe you have work hard enough for your job and starting to see savings, what you can do is:

🔑 Start to invest, slowly accumulating value assets: Whether it’s in stocks & shares, cryptocurrency, gold & silver, real estate or any form of investment of your choice.
💡   Start to build your businesses, trial & error.
🔭 It’s okay to lose, you are still young. Make as much mistakes as possible.

invest online freedom road map

40+ - Financially free

Hopefully you have built enough passive incomes streams and have assets that will pay you enough so that you don’t have to work if you don’t want to. 

You can choose to work to fulfill your purpose, you give values to the world because you have talents and it’s fun to do, not because you need money to pay the bills.

Aim to have 7x multiple passive income sources, they pay you while you sleep.

Harvest that profits, those hard work that you made, the risks that you took in your 30s, see how they flourish.

Let your money works for you, they are your loyal staff.

Now your stock dividends payout, rental income, online program sales, MLM / affiliate sales income, automated business incomes, drop shipping sales, YouTube ad revenues, Patreon membership fees, Shopify / Etsy sales, bitcoin profits are slowly giving you more salary than your job.

financially free freedom road map

You created more time to enjoy your passion. It could be spending time with your family, traveling, do volunteering works, do your arts / music projects, meditating daily, learn another new skill or watch your kids grow.

You now have all the time, energy and financial support to live your life the way you want.

Because you have made the decision to get out of the rat race, right now.

⏰ Exciting time ahead, to break that old habit pattern and work on your freedom, it’s now or never.

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