Above the line Below the Line Thinking Pattern: Which side are you?

Two different types of people in the world

Have you ever wondered why it seems easier for some people to be positive, happy and joyful all the time?
Some of them may not have the perfect lifestyle that most of us are wishing for, but why do they often appear like they don’t have any problems? 
While other people seem like all the problems existing in the world are theirs. One little ugly situation can ruin their entire day and drama follows them everywhere.
Talking to them may drain your energy, like an energy vampire, because their mind, actions and words are filled with negativities. 

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Thinking pattern above and below the line illustration

The secrets is the way you think

I’d like to share with you my thoughts on being aware of where your thinking pattern is, based on the coaching model Above the Line/Below the Line and how to flip negative thoughts into more helpful ones.
If you’re much more of a visual learner, you can watch my video above or click here to see the full clip.

Being aware of your thoughts – The little voice in your head might be asking “Why must I be aware of my own thoughts?”
After all we are the ones thinking them up right?
We create solutions based on our thinking patterns, and these patterns are divided into two sections, Above the Line and Below the Line (AL/BL), or some may call it Cause and Effect.

These charts below may give you a better idea, showing a list of what these two elements mean.
Allow me to elaborate them to you by first looking at the difference between AL/BL people and taking a look at where you stand?

Above and below the line chart

Above The Line

Above the line people ACT and CREATE.

Whenever they encounter certain situations they immediately look for positive solutions and implement them as early as possible, be it helpful or not.
They have tons of alternative plans in case one of them doesn’t work.
“If this one doesn’t work then I might change it a bit and see if it works”.
Plan A, plan B, etc.
That’s the natural mindset of people who are above the line.
Many people working in psychology have said that these types of people value things, like Love, very highly.
Love allows you to sacrifice and cross all boundaries with compassion while weighing the consequences.
All their actions are for the good of everybody and not just for themselves, even though many might ay that this can sometimes be a weakness too, ‘love is blind’, or choosing with your heart and not your head, for example. 

girl at the poolside successful in life

Below the Line

On the other hand, Below the line people don’t act, they REACT and RESPOND.

Instead of formulating ideas, they formulate issues they have, problems they can see, complaints, etc.
They may often find themselves asking; “of all the billions of people in the world, why me? Why does it have to be me?”

Making positive progress when facing a challenge often means they focus on the problem and not the solution and they often compound all their problems, small or large, into one giant issue or challenge.
Their actions, thoughts, or decision making can be largely fear-based, making them afraid of taking risks. They’d prefer safety, security and to hide away in that little box of theirs and wait for someone to help them. 

Here are more of the different traits that are based on both sides:

above the line theme
Below the line person always tired and bored

Above the Line

  • Action
  • Choice
  • Ownership
  • Responsibility
  • Acceptance
  • Results
  • Create

Below The Line

  • Blame 
  • Excuses
  • Judgement
  • Problem
  • Deny
  • Justice
  • Procrastinate

Do you know anyone who is stuck in Below the line thinking pattern?

Those with a Below the line thinking pattern develop a rather passive attitude towards the world.
Events that cause them mental trauma are beyond their control. 
Life is not something they have created for themselves, rather life is what’s happening to them.
They may be passive-aggressive, quiet angry people, their anger may come from the lack of control towards their circumstances.
They may not take responsibility for their actions, they may prefer to wallow in self-pity while discussing their real problems. 
They may feel like the world owes them something.
The world has hurt them, the world has stolen their dreams and left them with a darkness instead, and so the world must pay. 
Their constant complaining and whining attitudes becomes toxic in their environment, if they are not aware of their thinking pattern causing their behaviours, they may get left behind in the 3D world.

Woman biting pencil due to anxiety

How do we help people who may be stuck in a Below the Line thinking pattern?

You can utilise a few changes in their thought process. 
You can help them to change their focus to the positive, be grateful for what they already have, change their story and flip to Above the line.
Overtime they focus on a negative, flip and show them what positive achievements that have had success in.
It is unwise to evaluate yourself based only on what is negatively taking place, that’s not a fair comparison.
Emphasise that they need to take a stronger leadership role in their own destiny, regardless of where they came from.
If they can take the hard truth and have trust in you, you may even slap them in their face (maybe not literally) and tell them that the world owes them nothing, not a thing, not even a sausage roll. So stop crying about the non-sense entitlement and get out there and work to make positive change for themselves.

Learn more about this topic by watching my video. If you have any questions, or want to talk about life changing topics, don’t hesitate to email me at lowinab@gmail.com.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind quote by William James

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